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Czech Ministry of Environment will include ReStEP project in their activities

( 20.2.2014 )

One of the practical workshops focused Regional Sources Assessment and ReStEP software was held on Thursday, February 13th 2014, at the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic. A group of stakeholders oriented on nature and landscape protection met with the creators of the IS ReStEP and the RSA methodology and discussed the potential of developed interactive maps, the data relevance, the application for different types of activities and the legislative incorporation of the entire system. The emphasis was given on timeliness and the strict identification of the data origin and data definition. The complexity of the perspective which IS ReStEP offers could be very useful for the Ministry of Environment. Very interesting for the ReStEP team is the offer to strengthening of the legislative rules for the assessment process of using local natural and secondary sources in land-use planning with regard to the construction and service of the renewable energy sources. The communication with the Ministry of Regional Development will be ensured in cooperation with Júlia Tóbiková from the Department of Nature and Landscape Protection. The main goal of this activity is to extend the attention of land-use plan´s creators to the carrying capacity of the territory during defining admissible types of renewable energy sources by the change in the legislation within the update of the Regional Development Policy of the Czech Republic.
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