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The Final conference feedbacks ( 27.10.2014 )
According to the recent Final conference held on the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, several articles presenting the project and its main output - interactive map, was produced.

Presentation of the interactive map at the Ministry of Environment ( 27.10.2014 )
On October 24 the workshop at the Ministry of Environment was held with the participation of representatives of Nature Protection and Government Office of the Czech Republic.

The Final conference ReStEP ( 23.10.2014 )
The three-year project period was symbolically completed on October 21, when the final conference of the project ReStEP was held.

The article about project ReStEP on web portal TZB-info ( 10.10.2014 )
The article about project ReStEP named The ideal mix of renewable energy sources for the Czech Republic as well as your garden or ReStEP

Presentation of the interactive map at the GIS Esri conference ( 7.10.2014 )
During the 23rd annual Esri conference in the Czech Republic, which will be held on October 22nd and 23rd in Prague Congress centre on Vyšehrad, the interactive map ReStEP will be introduced.

Workshop at the Ministry of Environment, October 24, 2014 ( 3.10.2014 )
The planned workshop will focus mainly on the topic of implementations of species protection and climate protection into the ReStEP project.

The Final Conference will show all the aspects of the ReStEP information system ( 1.10.2014 )
The ending project ReStEP will hold the final professional conference, which will take place on October 21, 2014 on the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.

ReStEP Final Conference ( 1.10.2014 )
The aim of the conference is to sum up the project fulfillment and to present the main outputs and possibilities, which the map application provides.

Project ReStEP cooperates with Pardubice Region ( 22.9.2014 )
The project team agreed on a cooperation with Pardubice Region representatives in order to prepare the documents for Region Energy Policy.

ReStEP map application opening on October 10, 2014 ( 17.9.2014 )
Currently, the final map version testing is in progress and the application will be widely open on October 10.

Assessment workshop of the project ReStEP ( 1.9.2014 )
The Assessment workshop of the project ReStEP will be held on 16th September at the Ministry of the Environment in Prague.

Presentation of the ReStEP project on the Danube Strategy Steering Committee meeting ( 11.7.2014 )
Meeting of the steering Commitee representatives of states associated in the Danube Strategy concerning Support of sustainable energy was held on the July 9th, 2014 in Prague.

ReStEP presentation at the conference Scientific Support to the Danube Strategy in Vienna ( 30.6.2014 )
ReStEP project was introduced on June 25th, 2014 at the conference Scientific Support to the Danube Strategy organized by the Joint Research Centre belonging to European Commission.

Project ReStEP introduced on the Regional Authorities ( 27.6.2014 )
The project RESTEP was presented on 14 practical WS during the last two months at all Czech regional authorities with the total attendance of 180 civil servants.

Reportage about the ReStEP project on Czech radios Radiožurnál and ČRo Regina ( 18.6.2014 )
A short reportage about the ReStEP project was broadcasted on the Czech radio ČRo Regina on the June 16th, 2014.

Theoretical workshop at the Bioenergy conference 2014 ( 24.2.2014 )
The last workshop in the framework of theoretical discussions about the RSA principles and the interactive map has been successfully placed into the important Bioenergy conference 2014 held in Prague, February 18th 2014.

Czech Ministry of Environment will include ReStEP project in their activities ( 20.2.2014 )
One of the practical workshops focused Regional Sources Assessment and ReStEP software was held on Thursday, February 13th 2014, at the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic.

Presentation of the ReStEP project at the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic ( 17.2.2014 )
The seminar about the ReStEP project was held last week at the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic.

Presentation of the ReStEP project to municipalities representatives and business community in the Pilsen region ( 12.12.2013 )
The ReStEP project team was able to establish a successful cooperation with the Regional Chamber of Commerce for the Pilsen Region and the public benefit corporation Akademie HK PK.

The ReStEP project was presented at the Biomass & Energy Conference ( 29.11.2013 )
The 17th annual conference Biomass & Energy 2013 was held at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague this week.

First public introduction of the Interactive map ( 17.10.2013 )
The interactive map was introduced at the conference Construction and operation of biogas plants held in Trebon, which traditionally welcomed over two hundreds visitors interested in biomass utilization through biogas plants.

Conference BIOMASS & ENERGY 2013 ( 3.10.2013 )
Prague 6 - Suchdol

Workshop Local energy policy based on interactive map of available sources ( 2.10.2013 )

Seminar: Heating municipal buildings by self grown fuel from the municipal land – Žlutice ( 1.10.2013 )

Beta version of the interactive map of sources ( 1.10.2013 )
The beta version of ReStEP software has been tested since early October 2013. The access to the application is currently enabled only for the project team members, who will search, report and solve the essential problems in data material and individual outcomes. Thereafter, the application will be opened for all interested and placed on the official ReStEP web page.

The first complex interactive map presentation ( 11.9.2013 )
During the conference called Construction and Operation of Biogas Plants, the first introduction to the interactive map of sources towards public will be performed. Moreover, the theoretical workshop disscusing the Regional Source Assesment principles and the software utilization impact, will be held.

Change in the project management ( 1.9.2013 )
In the beginning of September, the position of project administrator underwent a change.

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